Gurudev Ji’s health update

Acharya Roop Chandra Ji White BG

On May 15, 2023 , Acharya Shri Roopchandraji Maharaj, the founder of Manav Mandir Mission slipped and fractured his hip bone in the bathroom. The news of the incident and the successful hip surgery afterward is known to everyone. After arriving at the ashram from the hospital, there was a rapid improvement in his health, and daily light physiotherapy sessions started. Guruji began taking regular walks in his room approximately 3-4 times a day, and his daily routine resumed.

Everything seemed to be getting better, but during this time, around May 26, 2023, Guruji started feeling a bit weak, and his interest in food diminished. It seemed like these were the effects of the surgery and medication. However, as the situation gradually started to deteriorate, on May 29, he was rushed to the hospital in an emergency. It was then discovered that this critical condition was caused by a urinary infection, which was severely affecting his body. During the examination, it was also found that Guruji had blood clots in his brain.

After staying in the hospital for 10 days, Guruji has returned to the ashram. During the 25 days, two severe strokes have completely debilitated his body, making him extremely weak at physical level. Due to advanced age, the recovery in health is happening very slowly, and it will take a considerable amount of time for him to regain good health. Despite enduring such significant physical setbacks and pain, revered Guruji remains mentally strong and satisfied with the medical care and services provided.

To prevent further infection and additional physical weakness, the doctors have advised Guruji to refrain from phone conversations and avoid direct contact with people. We convey all your greetings and well wishes to revered Guruji. In the state of recovering his health, an online program will be arranged on “Zoom” for the benefit of virtual darshan (viewing). Once the schedule is confirmed, a message will be sent to everyone.

Therefore, I request you not to exert yourself for individual darshan (viewing) to prevent infection and other risks. Your sentiments are deeply appreciated. Soon, everyone will be able to benefit from the darshan of Guruji. We will continue to provide you with updates on Guruji’s health from time to time.

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10 months ago

jai Guru Dev ji

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