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Our heart goes out for everyone in need

Welcome To Manav Mandir Mission

Manav Mandir Mission Trust, a non-profitable public charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act, Section (42) in Ludhiana, Punjab was established on 3rd November, 1989 by Shri. Roop Chandra Ji Maharaj. The underlying principles of Manav Mandir Mission Trust is to promote education, women welfare, global peace, non-violence, health, spiritualism and veganism.

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Covid-19 Help

Aid Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has been the most difficult time for everyone especially the poor people. Helping them in such situation is not only our responsibility but our duty as well. Manav Mandir Mission leaves no stone unturned to help people in need and the recent aid is testimony for the same. We helped poor people during covid-19 pandemic in following ways :

  • Feeded more than 1,80,000 people during the lockdown.
  • Distributed slippers, masks, sanitizers, soaps, food packets & drinking water to the workers marching towards their respective homes.
  • Distributed health kit consisting protein x, sanitizers, vitamins tablets, slippers, soap and other Ayurvedic medicines(immunity boosters) in slums.
  • Provided the support in education to children in slums.
  • Helped the patients with diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma and other diseases requiring medicines on regular basis which they were unable to procure (as government hospitals being converted into Covid-19 centres.)
  • Setting up three educational coaching centres with high class computer & internet facilities (for online classes) and tuition teachers for clearing their doubts and assisting children in their studies.
  • Provided stationary items like note books, books, pencils, pens etc to slum children for their studies.

“Our heart goes out for everyone in need”