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Matri Seva Prakalp

Matri Seva Prakalp Project was the result of great thought in the Manav Mandir Mission Trust. With thousands of old age homes in the country, costing crores of rupees for setup and lakhs further in service and maintenance, still making individual feel vulnerable due to unknown environments as they have to leave their beloved families, houses, and neighborhood. We thought of working out a way such that to serve them more efficiently without making them feel vulnerable. We came up with a revolutionary idea to deliver the best service to destitute, endured, and helpless women at their doorstep so that utilize these services in a homely atmosphere.

This concept was brought to take care of their mental and emotional health along with their physical health. As its name suggests, it provides services to only women. This project started with the objective of issuing services to destitute, exploited, and suffering women. The deprived women are provided with food, clothes, medications, and other required things.

Presently we have adopted 100 old aged mothers who are in need and do not have supportive family members for their medical care. These mothers live in their own houses. We provide them with essential goods and financial help every month. This project also includes handicapped men and women. People from villages of Rajasthan including some from the Himalayan hills, benefit from the project.

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