Pakistan’s displaced refugee girl, whose leg was broken in a road accident, underwent surgery by Manav Mandir Mission

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You all know that Manav Mandir Mission is providing every possible service to displaced refugees from Pakistan in two camps. The recent flooding forced them to come onto the roads as water had risen above 8 feet in their camps, leaving them with no choice but to stay by the roadside in tents. The constant noise of vehicles terrified their children, and what they feared ultimately happened. The incident that refugee Lalchand’s granddaughter Geeta became a victim of unfolded.

When Geeta’s father Jeet informed Sadhvi Samata Shri Ji that his granddaughter’s legs was broken due to being hit by a vehicle, the immense pain and suffering of the child were heart-wrenching. Not being able to bear the child’s intense pain, our cooperative organization ‘Savera,’ at the request of the Manav Mission Mission, immediately admitted the girl to a private hospital for surgery. Government hospitals take a lot of time and even after lengthy formalities, there is no guarantee of proper treatment. Today, surgery has been successfully performed on the girl’s leg, with a rod inserted. After a successful surgery, the child’s suffering has been alleviated. Soon, she will be able to stand on her own feet. With the guidance of Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Roopchandra Ji Maharaj and the support of society, Manav Mandir Mission’s refugee service project has become a companion in the joys and sorrows of the lives of Hindu refugees from Pakistan.”

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