Gurudev Ji’s latest health update

Monday, June 19, 2023

On May 15, 2023, in the morning, Acharya Shree experienced dizziness in the bathroom, leading to a fall and a fractured left hip. The news of his successful hip surgery is known to everyone.

On May 29, the health of Gurudevji deteriorated severely again, and he was rushed to the hospital in an emergency condition, where it was discovered that the critical situation was caused by a urinary infection, which was causing severe harm to his body. During the examination, it was also found that Gurudevji had developed blood clots in his brain.

After staying in the hospital for 10 days, Gurudevji returned to the ashram. During these 25 days, two severe attacks had already weakened his body completely, resulting in Gurudevji becoming physically very frail due to his advanced age. The progress in his health was already very slow, and then he experienced a recurrence of urinary infection, leading to his third physical setback, worsening his condition once again.

The antibiotic process had to be repeated for another week, which has now brought some stability to GurudevJi’s health, and there is a gradual improvement in his condition. However, it is still anticipated that it will take a considerable amount of time for him to fully recover. Despite experiencing three setbacks and enduring such significant physical trauma and pain, Gurudev Ji remains mentally strong, satisfied with the medical care, and content. We convey the greetings and well-wishes of everyone to the revered Gurudev Ji.

To prevent any further infections and excessive physical weakness, the doctors have advised Gurudev Ji to avoid phone conversations and personal contact. Arrangements will be made for darshan (spiritual presence) for those seeking it once Gurudev Ji’s health has been completely restored.

Therefore, I request you not to face any difficulties in seeking darshan (spiritual presence) for the sake of infection prevention and other reasons. Your sentiments are deeply respected, and please continue to maintain cooperation and support.

Special Note: To regularly receive updates on Gurudev Ji’s health, the organization has created a link where you can click and access the latest updates on GurudevJi’s health and express your emotions.

Arun Yogi

Manav Mandir Mission, New Delhi

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