From Gurukul to IIT: A Proud Moment For All Of Us

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We are really delighted and honored to share with you all that our Gurukul children are achieving new heights in the field of academics. One of our gurukul children, ‘Shivam Kumar’ has been successful in securing his admission to the prestigious institution ‘IIT Kanpur’ for ‘Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering”. The child was accompanied by Maa Ji and others to Kanpur in order to assist him in the admission procedure and additional required formalities on October 27th, 2022. Also, the child has been provided with the required resources for his smooth learning and living in the new environment. These have been successful because of the unconditional assistance that we get from our supporters and friends. We thank you for being with us in this noble endeavor of ours to facilitate the children in achieving their dreams. We urge you to keep showering your blessing in shaping these children’s lives.

Thank you!

NGO Boy Shivam Bagged Admission to IIT Kanpur: An Effort Towards Making His Dream Come True


Shivam, the most cherished to his parents, was born in a small pocket of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar. He spent his initial 5 years in his village and was not enrolled in any school. In search of employment opportunities, better living conditions and educational opportunities, his family migrated to the capital city ‘New Delhi’ and started living in a rented one-room set at Nagli, Rajapur in Sarai Kale Khan. Shivam’s father used to make a living by working in a private company and earning a meager amount of 2000 INR only. The mother was a housewife and used to look after the studies of his son.

Shivam, for the very first time, was admitted to a nearby school where he studied till class 3rd. It was the start of his academic journey. Because of the abrupt change in the environment, from the surroundings of a tiny village to that of a big metropolitan city, Shivam had to manage a lot. His mother was concerned regarding the quality of education in his current school and was not satisfied with the learning outcomes of his child in that school. Addressing the concern, the mother took the tough decision to enrol Shivam in ‘Mata Sushila Malhotra DAV Primary School’ in order to get a quality education. Shivam was able to pass the school admission test and was ready for the new chapter of his life.

Shivam studied in his new school for 2 years only. Since the family was unable to meet up with the financial expenses of the school, he was forced to leave that school and got admission to ‘KKC Quetta DAV Senior Secondary School where he studied until the completion of class 12th. From class 6th to class 8th, Shivam stood at rank 2nd. In class 9th, he got a 35% scholarship in the ‘Admission cum Scholarship Test’ conducted by Aakash and was successful in getting admission to the said institution. After his admission to the institution, he was exposed to a new learning environment which made him further interested towards science. Subsequently, with continuous hard work and guidance from the teachers, he was able to qualify for the Aakash National Talent Hunt Examination’ in class 10th. In addition to this, he scored 87.2% and bagged the 2nd rank in his school in the 10th Board Examinations.

Shivam was continuously working on himself day & night and as a result, he was able to achieve 2nd rank in his Aakash batch and continued in the top 10 in every test & examination after that. Because of this very reason, he was promoted to the scholar batch and was enjoying studying Physics & Mathematics. During the Covid-19 pandemic, because of the sudden shift in learning from the physical mode to the Digital mode, Shivam suffered a lot because of the unavailability of proper digital devices, internet connection and lack of space. Fighting all the odds, he worked rigorously and obtained 87.8% in the 12th Board and 97.4 percentile in his first attempt at JEE mains examinations but didn’t get a good rank in JEE Advanced He was getting an Electrical branch at ‘Delhi Technical University but since he was adamant about getting into IIT, he took the bold decision to drop a year and prepare with full vigour. The year didn’t go in vain and Shivam cleared the Mains and achieved AIR 797 in JEE Advanced. Shivam says that it was Manav Mandir Gurukul & Maaji who was always there to assist him in paying the fees and meeting up with the other requirements like stationaries, laptop etc.” It was Maaj who supported Shivam & his family in taking the tough decision of dropping a year to aspire for IIT.

Shivam says that he never had a hobby as he was very shy and didn’t have friends. He was very serious regarding the financial circumstances of his family. Adamant about changing the family’s financial instability, he aspired to change the course of his life. Shivam has now secured his admission to IIT Kanpur for the ‘Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering” and is undergoing counseling. The financial crisis, and lack of opportunities, he faced it all and emerged victorious in the end. He is really excited to go to IIT as he believes he will be exposed to a new learning environment. He aspires to break his family’s generational poverty and wants to assist the family in every manner possible.

Come forward and Support Manav Mandir Gurukul’s efforts in educating the underprivileged.

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