Computer Centres for Slum Children During Covid-19

Computer Center 1 Gyaspur Colony – 1 Slum Area Near Sarai Kale Khan

The widespread outbreak of covid 19 led to an unavoidable nationwide lockdown in India which resulted in an abrupt shift from a physical model of education to a digital model of education for the millions of students of our country. This shift to online classes affected marginalized children the most with no required resources such as mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops, internet connection, or even physical space (to take classes without any disturbances, because of the limited size of their houses) available to them. Understanding the gravity of this arising issue, the trust under the guidance of His Holiness Aacharya Shree Roopchandra Ji Maharaj, opened computer centres with computers having a high-speed internet connection and a facilitator for the disadvantaged children at different locations with its first centre established at Ghayaspur Colony-1. This was followed by the establishment of centres at locations namely Ghayaspur Colony-Il and Manav Mandir Gurukul Premises to eliminate the obstacles being faced by these children in attending online classes. But because of some unavoidable internet service-related problems, these centres were merged into a single centre on our main campus at Sarai kale Khan which is currently used by the children for their education-related purposes and in getting basic digital literacy. We are also planning to start carrying various computer courses at this centre to meet up with the demands of the present day environment for the children. You can make your contributions to this knowledge-giving Yagya at your convenience.

Computer Center 2 Gyaspur Colony – II Slum Area Near Sarai Kale Khan

Computer Center 3 at Manav Mandir Gurukul Premises
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