Bring Smiles, 3 at a time

There is a striking similarity that dots the innocence on the face of a young trio of siblings that have found their home in the Ashram.

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Radha, Krishna and Roshni are the three new entrants of the Manav Mandir parivar. Their eyes wander over the new walls, the bright flowers in the garden and the neatly kept beds in their rooms, in sheer curiosity. “I am here to study” says Roshni with a sense of determination in her eyes. In spite of the harsh realities that gloomed over their past, all of them have a smile on their face knowing that their future is now in safe hands.

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At Ashram, the siblings have warmed themselves to new hobbies and various activities. The library has quickly escalated as their favourite place and Radha says she enjoys spending her time in the library. “I like listening to stories, she says beaming with joy. Mansi, a senior at the Ashram is helping young kids to warm up to the habit of reading by taking time out to read them story books. Listening to the stories has kindled the desire in the young ones to read stories for themselves. The kids here play various games- ludo, chilli chakka, cricket and football. The ground is huge and they enjoy spending their time playing cricket and football. Krishna, the youngest kid of them says, “I have gone better in a lot of things including football since I came here”.

The grass is greener and the people are kind. All of them have found new friends and as the days are rolling their friendships are growing. There are always newer games to play. The siblings are slowly adjusting to the everyday. Having joined in the middle of the academic year they are not enrolled to school now. But that does not mean, the learning process is hindered. Every day they try their hand at something new, pre-school education with a knowledge of English is being imparted to help them prepare for school. Roshni says that they are very happy and could not have asked for anything better. She wants to understand and be able to speak in English. Like all kids of the Ashram, they also dream of studying in the English medium school.


In the ashram the siblings have opened up to a community that fosters growth and spiritual and emotional well- being. Krishna who loves drawing says he wants to become both an artist and a doctor, “Doctors are very nice people they help us in distress”, he says with a smile. For Roshni the ashram is her cradle, she envisions a brighter future for herself. Roshni says she is enjoying getting used to the Ashram. “I am feeling better now. It’s nice to talk to people. Back home, I used to remain silent, apne apne mei rehte thee, here everyone talks nicely, offers so much love and respect”. Roshni is waiting to study. Radha wants to get her hands filled with arithmetic problems, maths being her favourite subject and Krishna wants to draw and pain to his heart’s content. For now the kids are busy, studying and preparing for school. Dreams are never short of anything and there is hope to touch the sky! For now there is hope in their eyes and a sense of belonging to a place they proudly call home.

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