After 42 days of convalescence, Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Roopchandra Ji Maharaj’s first message & blessing.

27 june 2023, Tuesday

Om Arham,

42 days ago, Pujya Acharya Shree Roopchandra Ji Maharaj slipped and fell in the bathroom while washing his hands, resulting in a fracture in his left hip. After a successful surgery, on May 27, he experienced an infection and a brain clot, which required him to stay in the hospital for another 10 days. After returning to the ashram, he gradually started feeling better but then developed a urinary infection. Currently, the infection has almost subsided.

The self-strength, blessings of all of you, and the result of medical services are gradually leading to an improvement in the health of Pujya Guru Dev. However, there is still significant physical weakness due to old age, and it will take a considerable amount of time for complete recovery. It is also necessary to take precautions against infections and other complications because the immune system has become considerably weakened after such a serious illness.

Therefore, I request you to have patience as you all had before and refrain from seeking personal meetings and phone conversations with Gurudev Ji hastily. We all fully understand your deep reverence for Gurudev Ji. Every message of well-wishes related to his health is reaching Gurudev Ji along with your introductions, through the Sadhvi community and us continuously. Today, Pujya Gurudev Ji is imparting his blessings to all of you through a video message, and we will continue to deliver his blessings to you through video messages at regular intervals. After a complete recovery, there will also be opportunities for the darshan of Pujya Gurudev Ji.

Special Information: To keep you updated on the latest information about Pujya Gurudev’s health, we have created a link. By clicking on it, you can personally access all the fresh updates regarding his health at any time.

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The link is-:

 or You can also visit our website,, to obtain the latest health information anytime by yourself.

Please click here for video message – Click Here

Arun Yogi

Disciple-Pujya Acharya Shri Roopchandraji Maharaj,

Director and Trustee, Manav Mandir Mission Trust.

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