Roopantaran Yog is the Yog Wing Section of Manav Mandir Mission Trust managed by Arun Yogi under the guidance of his holiness Acharya Shree Roopchandraji Maharaj. The sole aim of Roopantaran Yog is ‘Jeevan- Roopantaran’ , i.e Life-Transformation by Yog- Sadhana. This tranformation is closely associated with physical, mental and spiritual form of Yog-Practises which forms an integrated part of Roopantaran Yog. We always believe in ‘Jada Ni Sahi se kre Yog’, i.e ‘Doing Yog Correctly Rather Than Overdoing It’.

Roopantaran Yog is result of years of experince and research in formulating different techniques to maximise the benifits of Yog. Different forms of asanas and meditations are developed over the years under the program which act as spiritual upliftment for the soul. In this program we have developed numerous 15 minutes yog capsules which are capable of providing the benifits of 1 hour of intense yog session. A revolutuionary Kriya, Brahma Kriya is developed which provides the benifit of half hour yog session in 3 and half minutes. All of these revolutionary techniques are develped by Arun Yogi under the guidance of Pujya Acharya Shree Roopcahandraji Maharaj.

The beneficiaries of this revolutionary concept are from all over the globe with majority of the people coming from US, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden and India. Various sessions are organized in Colleages, Universities, hospitals and army camps gathering positive reviews all around.